ASHRAE Technical Committee 6.5 - Radiant and In-Space Convective Heating and Cooling


TC 6.5 is concerned with all types of sensible radiant space heating and cooling systems.Typical applications are high or medium-temperature radiant elements, spot, or total radiant panels or thermally active slabs for heating and cooling.

TC 6.5 New York Winter 2014: Meeting Schedules and Rooms

  • 1. TC 6.5 Radiant Heating and Cooling (1/20) Monday 2:15-4:15p Hilton Concourse Level,Concourse F
  • 2. TC 6.5 RP 1383 (1/19) Sunday 3:00- 4:00p Hilton, 2nd Level- Sutton Center
  • 3. TC 6.5 Research, Spec Pubs, Journal, Program, Hanbook (1/19) Sunday 4:00-6:00p Hilton, 2nd Level-Sutton Center